Friday, 28 November 2014

Creating high poly assets

So now I have already begun the process of high polying my models, here I will go the process of how I went about this.

I got a few references of console tables that were used in the Louis XIV  period, one for the back of the room and one for the middle of the room as the stage highlight asset.

What went right:
I managed to bake out the normal maps pretty well and making the high polies were pretty simple as the only detailed parts where the legs, on both assets.

What went wrong:
I tweaked around with different woods and granite to get the best feel of the tables, still tweaking them now!

How can I improve:
Well now I know the best work flow of making tables, so working faster is my next step.

making the high poly of the leg I left the bottom bit square and alone as I would add details to this bit later using Ndo. This would save me time.

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