Friday, 28 November 2014

Candle Light

The candles make up the majority of lighting in my scene so I needed to nail these down properly.

I had a few candles in my main room to make this candle effect I needed to use a particle emitter, it moves my flame in a random rotation and flickers like a normal candle light would.

A problem I came across and still have is that when I move the camera off the flame, the light turns off, I have tried increasing the bounding box of the flame, but that still hasn't worked, problem is shown below.

Will try to fix this later on.

Making the wax was pretty easy, was simply taking a cylinder into ZBrush and moving the top verts and then subdividing and adding clay tubes down the side, then smoothing the inner groves.
I would add wax dripping down from the metal candle holder but due to time, I could not.

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