Saturday, 6 December 2014

The body bag hanging Marvelous Designer

I am now onto making the main asset of the main murder room!

So my main idea for this was to create a body bag hanging from the ceiling I researched as much as I could and found a few very good references:


I first tryed to create the body bag in mMya but realised it would be alot quicker, efficient and alot more realistic if I made it in Marvelous Designer (used trial version). I simply made 4 rectangles for the main peice of the cloth so it would zip up like a body bag then 2 squares for the head and the feet, I then created elastic bands around the feet, middle and head, to make it look like it was tightened by rope.

I created the rope in maya using curve tools and unifyed unwrapped it.

So here is the finalised body bag - the cloth was a material I made in UE4 which I also used for the other bits of cloth in the scene. The blood was added in photoshop using some stained blood photos taken from google and other sites.

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