Monday, 18 November 2013

Sub tools, layers and morph targets

The concept for the sword was made, and I began making it as if it would be in real life, piece by piece.

As I was was only making the simple block out mesh for this shape, it didn't take too long before I could start exporting each piece into ZBrush, each piece would be a separate sub tool so that I could easily access and sculpt on a particular part of the model.

Whilst sculpting the sword I was also using the Layer tool with the Morph Target tool, basically I would store a morph target on a piece of the model, that has not been touched by sculpting yet, and then create a new layer.

That layer could now either be my damage or wear and tear layer, and I could as much sculpting to that layer as I wanted because later I can remove it, a bit like a masking tool in Photoshop.

This tool is amazing because usually in ZBrush I would sculpt on the model, and later on if I wanted to change a particular part I would'nt be able to simply because I didn't create a morph target or layer.

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