Monday, 18 November 2013

Retpologizing, Unwrapping, Baking


Because this asset was going to be seen very close to the player I wanted the details to be seen very well, the low poly had to be pretty high, so I set the limit to around 10-12k.

Instead of what I usually do and retopologizing the whole asset in ZBrush, I decided to take the second subdivision level of the asset and use that as my low poly.


So now I had the low poly done, it was time to UV unwrap the object, I did this in Maya as I feel I have alot more control in there, but I will be looking for better/faster software to use in the future, normally I would use 3D Coat but that's generally better for organic models.


To bake my High poly onto my Low poly I used XNormals, its alot better than using Mudbox which is what I usually use to get my normal map, as it captures alot more detail and usually has faster rendering time.

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