Saturday, 27 September 2014

Third Year University (A3D Assignment)

Our groups were given a breif.


Brief1– Environment with a historical theme
You will produce a virtual recreation of a building or complex. You will research maps, plans and historical data to obtain as much information about the subject as possible. The goal here is historical accuracy, but you will be striving to make the level/scene playable. Starting with this context you will make the resulting project suitable for game purposes.

(i) Gothic
(ii) Moorish
(iii) First world war

I had found a really cool concept and decided to add gothic elements to it to fit the breif.


Patrick O'Keefe is the artist of this concept.

Gothic Elements added:

I will be researching more into detail with these gothic elements (blueprints, photos etc) in the blockout phase to make this environment look as realistic as possible.

I decided to make the quick blockout terrain in UE4 then export the height map into World Machine to add more detail and topology.


World Machine:

After creating some cool effects in World Machine (explanation on how I did it).

I managed to create this for UE4.

I can now use this as a base and start creating a few different texture for dirt, grass and rock.

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